Why we started this brand

With Galician origin and  manufacturing in Madrid, in alolola we believe that sustainability, ethical trade and fashion can go hand by hand and we want to prove it through this collection that you can buy online on our website and in stores that share our philosophy.

We propose "Ecoluxury", clothes in which we value the quality of the materials used for its manufacture, design care of the garments, the use of local resources and a fair treatment for the workers involved in the process.

We believe in respect for the planet and we re convinced that the solution to the current problems will come from below, when the sum of small acts forces large companies to make decisions towards greater transparency and accountability. At the moment, the consumer has the power in his hands, the only one capable of making the industry change, when it acts collectively.

Alolola wants to participate in this process, providing an alternative and a possibility of choice to the client who does not want (or can not) give up the design and the highest quality, but could choose a sustainable and responsible solution if it existed.

That is why our offer is in addition to the growing ecosystem of small sustainable brands that are starting to provoke a change in the sector, causing the big brands to start thinking about a shift towards ecological and social responsibility.

We want to go further and also raise local production, since the social and environmental costs of relocation are very high.

Sustainable raw material

You are part Alolola, therefore, we take care of the smallest detail since we obtain the raw material of quality and ecological certificate until you receive it at home.

We use revolutionary and innovative materials always using the last technologies as far as sustainable manufacturing is concerned. The Lyocell is one of the most used materials for the realization of our garments. It is a fiber that comes directly from the cellulose of the trees with an environmentally friendly process.

One of the ecological advantages of this material is that the raw material comes from sustainable forest plantations and has less impact than organic cotton since the consumption of water and energy is less.

Not only is it beneficial for the planet, but it is also suitable for skin care since the softness of the fabric prevents skin irritation and provides great comfort when it comes to clothing.